Lulu Life Nilotica Lip Balm

Lulu Life lip balm brings the nutritive properties of Sudan's nilotica shea oil to your lips in a light, creamy natural balm. Nilotica shea nuts yield a light oil that can be combined with natural beeswax and easily transformed into lip balm with very limited processing.

For generations, Sudanese women have tended lulu trees, as this source of life bears its fruit just when hunger peaks in Sudan's dry season. Long a diet staple in Southern Sudan, lulu oil now brings a necessary income to hundreds of Sudanese families.

Lulu Life lip balm is flavored with natural spearmint or vanilla essences.

Origin: Sudan
Size: 16ml (0.6oz)
Materials: Nilotica shea nut oil, natural plant essence, beeswax

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Lulu Life Nilotica Lip Balm
Lulu Life Nilotica Lip Balm
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Date Added: 09/08/2009 by HEATHER M MURRAY
5 of 5 Stars!
Once I first put this lipbalm on it was a bit oily but thats because I put it on straight from the shipping box. After letting it sit in a cool place & then applying a tiny bit it was amazing! I just bought 4 more to share with others & wanted to try the vanilla to! I highly recommend this product line!!!