The Site Is Up!

Welcome to Seven Hopes United! Thanks for stopping by to check us out. We’ve been working hard to get the site up and running. The Seven Hopes United fair trade store is like a dream come true for us. It has been a long process of figuring out how we could do something we love, while making a significant impact worldwide. It is a little scary letting this dream take flight, but we are also so excited and look forward to the outcome.

This blog is meant to keep our customers in the know on what is happening with Seven Hopes United. We will update the blog with hot new products that you’ll love, as well as feature producers and their stories so you can see the real impact you are having on people’s lives worldwide.

We are hoping that we will be able to have our Grand Opening shortly! Please continue to check in during this process, we are looking forward to developing relationships with all of you. Feel free to send us comments or suggestions on the store’s website or products that you love.

Come back soon!

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