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Scarlet Threads | In the Spotlight

Scarlet Threads empowers women in rural Asia through employment. The name Scarlet Threads comes from the idea that “when you purchase a Scarlet Threads product, you become intricately connected to a woman half a world away. You give her the chance to provide for her family in a safe and dignified way…you are tied, with a scarlet red thread, to a woman just like you.”

The International Market
Scarlet Threads has worked hard to create high quality products that rival those in the western market. Many fair trade products are difficult to market in the western world because of their ethnic style, but with the help of American designers, Scarlet Threads’ seamstresses have created products that are unique and highly desirable.

Community Impact
Scarlet Threads’ work in rural Asia provides many women with an opportunity to earn a steady source of income for their families by selling their handmade aprons in countries where they can earn higher profits than they would locally. The sale of Scarlet Threads aprons through partners like Seven Hopes United helps underprivileged seamstresses grow their own profitable business.

Scarlet Threads has provided a great source of hope to these women and their families, it is reflected in the transformation of the seamstresses lives and the communities they live in. Scarlet Threads aprons are the perfect gift for bridal showers, bridesmaids, birthdays, and other special occasions. You can feel great knowing that each apron is handcrafted with love by women in rural Asia who earn fair wages that help provide for their families.

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