Monthly Archives: February 2013

New to 7 Hopes United!

Hi everyone! I’m Dawn and while I’m new to blogging I’ve been interested and have loved writing since I was a kid. San Diego is my home but a bit of my heart will always dwell in the Midwest where I grew up. Traveling, literature, stationary and old photos are amongst my favorite things and […]

Fair Trade VS Free Trade—What’s the Difference?

“Fair trade” and “free trade” sound like very similar terms, and it’s easy to confuse the two. However, they are two different ideas, and some supporters of fair trade believe that only one seeks to improve the dignity and circumstances of those living in third-world countries. FAIR TRADE IS: A movement dating back to the 1950s in […]

Fair Trade Towns!

It was only 13 years ago that the first Fair Trade Town came into existence. Since 2000 it’s amazing to learn that there are now nearly 1,000 Fair Trade Towns across the world! For the past couple of years I had the chance to help out with the La Mesa, CA Fair Trade Towns Campaign. […]

Dreaming of Spring!

Spring is almost here! While I’m sure you’ve already spent several hours dreaming about warmer weather, here’s a little warm weather inspiration for your home 1. Orange Wool Felt Birdhouse How cute is this?! 2. Capiz & Palm Servers – Turquoise 3. Recycled Aluminum Flower Pot 4. Large Capiz Bowl Fiesta Citrus 5. Ceramic Talavera Wall […]

Fair Trade Brownie Heaven

Who doesn’t love brownies? Perhaps someone doesn’t love brownies, but I absolutely love delicious, gooey brownies! After having found a fair trade brownie recipe on Fair Trade USA‘s website I decided to make them and they were absolutely amazing. And my friends loved them too! Let’s just say they were definitely gooey and delicious. Enjoy, […]