Adventures in Thailand

Greetings and Happy Friday! Since I know we’re all starting to feel ready for Summer, I thought it would be fun to share some pics of my honeymoon in Thailand last week. One of the worlds’ most beautiful countries has lots to offer…

Like elephants and monkeys <3

Elephant for 7 HopesMonkeys for 7 HopesWhen we were planning our honeymoon, we wanted something a little different. We decided on adventure, which is what we got! Our decision took us from the islands:
Koh Samui for 7 HopesAo Nang for 7 Hopes 2James Bond for 7 HopesAo Nang for 7 HopesBoats for 7 HopesTo the Andaman Sea…
Long Tail Boat for 7 HopesMaya Bay for 7 HopesPhi Phi for 7 Hopes

To the “typical” Thai honeymoon experience…
Beach Bar for 7 HopesMassage for 7 HopesTo the busy streets and rich culture of Bangkok.

7 Hopes Wat ArunBangkok Floating Market for 7 HopesBoxer and me for 7 HopesLebua for 7 HopesFloating Market for 7 HopesOur trip was only 10 days, but it was a journey. One of exciting new experiences, and one that admittedly stretched me beyond my comfort zone. The language barrier was difficult, but the warm and inviting manner of the friendly Thai people reminded me that a smile is a smile in any language.
Phuket Sunrise for 7 HopesHere’s to the upcoming season of warmth and sunrises and remembering that love makes the world go ’round!



One thought on “Adventures in Thailand

  1. Deanna


    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos. What a magnificent honeymoon, it was a joy to have a glimpse into the life of the people of Thailand. Looking forward to hearing more about your visit.


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