How Tuesday: Blend Your Own Fair Trade Tea

I recently attended a tea party themed baby shower and thought it would be wonderful to blend a special tea for the mom-to-be.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time and wasn’t able to get a tea blended for her but I still loved the idea of blending my own fair trade tea so I inquired further with a friend who works for a local coffee and tea purveyor in San Diego.

Chamomile Flower & Green Sencha Tea

Chamomile Flower & Green Sencha Tea

I chose a green tea and chamomile flower tea.  Isn’t the chamomile flower just lovely to look at? This combination appealed to me because I don’t enjoy the taste of green tea but like the healthy benefits it offers. The blend of these fair trade teas created a wonderful flavor; the chamomile masked the taste of the green tea. But you can experiment with all sorts of loose leafs.  A black tea combined with an orange or peach tea might be nice as well.

blend your own fair trade tea

Chamomile Flower & Green Sencha Blended: a lovely combination

Combine the two or three teas you’d like to blend and then place the mixture in an infuser (you can pick an infuser up online or a shop like Target and some coffee shops sell them too) and allow the tea to steep in hot water just as you would with a bag of tea you purchase at the grocery store.


The infuser we used was Tea ZE Infused

I was able to pick up loose leaf at a Cafe Virtuoso, a coffee shop which sells coffee drinks as well as tea and coffee to make at home.  However, one could purchase loose leaf tea in her grocery store as well as online and your community will most likely have a local roaster who sells specialty loose leaf teas for you to choose from.

I found it quite fun to blend my own fair trade teas and look forward to sharing my new combination with friends for birthday gifts, the holidays or as a hostess present.  And wouldn’t the mix of chamomile tea and green tea look so pretty in a mason jar along with one of Seven Hopes United’s Eva Hand Painted Mugs? Just a thought!

Have wonderful day – Dawn


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