Monthly Archives: September 2013

Our Beautiful Wooden Pieces

Growing up in my home meant you knew a thing or two about wood and all of its variations. My paternal grandfather, uncle and father were all amateur wood craftsmen.  My grandfather and uncle won awards for the pieces they created and all of the woodwork in my childhood home was made by my father […]


The civil war in Syria started in early 2011 and has taken a devastating toll on the country and it’s people.  It’s estimated that over 100,00 people have died as a result of the war and there are nearly a million refugees. The numbers are staggering, the tragedy unfathomable. I’d like to share with you […]

Christmas Tree Ornaments {Product Spotlight}

I know, I know … Halloween hasn’t even come around yet … and neither has Thanksgiving. And it’s still 80 degrees outside. But still—you know what’s coming! CHRISTMAS! Here at Seven Hopes, we can’t wait. You know you can’t either. And a big part of the reason for us is our brand new, adorable line […]

Tabletop Tuesday: Serving Pieces

Serving pieces are, of course, another important part of the shared tabletop experience. Beautiful and functional serving pieces can help set the mood of the meal. Below I have highlight three pieces that would bring ease and grace to any meal. Each item is made of a different material and are different in share and […]

Hope for Uganda

  Hello hello! Sometimes, when you’re surfing the Internets and clicking on your usual blogs and favorite shopping sites (ahem, Seven Hopes), you come across something out of the ordinary. Something that ignites a spark of passion inside that you just want to share with the world. So we thought it would be fun to […]