Our Beautiful Wooden Pieces

Growing up in my home meant you knew a thing or two about wood and all of its variations. My paternal grandfather, uncle and father were all amateur wood craftsmen.  My grandfather and uncle won awards for the pieces they created and all of the woodwork in my childhood home was made by my father in our basement.  Now when I see wooden doors or serving dishes I notice the pattern of the grain and the color of the wood and quite often I find myself really admiring its beauty.

Seven Hopes United has several items made from wood in all different shapes and sizes.  I have featured a few of my favorites below; I hope that you find beauty in them and like them as much as I do.

Enjoy – Dawn


Floral Whitewash Frame



Natural Mango Wood Bowl with Bamboo Inlay





Wooden Cocktail Fork



Twisted Olive Wood Server Set



Indivisible Love Wooden Statuette 

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