Fair Trade Gift Guide: The Man’s Man

Happy Sunday! We’re starting our Christmas lists here at Seven Hopes United and we’d thought we’d share our fair trade gift ideas…so here we go! Each Sunday we’ll be posting a new gift guide. We are working hard to find the greatest ethically sourced, responsible and fair trade gifts for the season. If you missed last weeks Gift Guide for the World Traveler, you can view it here.

We all know guys can be insanely difficult to shop for (because if they need something they buy it, am I right?!) so here’s a little something for the guys that they definitely don’t have, but we think they’d love (and have been given my husband’s stamp of approval)! So here’s to The Man’s Man: who appreciates the fun things in life.


Recycled Cork Mustache Coasters – so amazing they should be left out on the coffee table or on his desk at the office, Malia Designs Recycled Feed Bag Wallet, Santa Yeti Ornament – what guy doesn’t love a yeti?, Metal Bike Chain Bowl, Lion Wine Stopper, Ginger Ale Bottle Soy Candle, Warby Parker Sunglasses.

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