Monthly Archives: November 2013

Fair Tuesday Another Look!

Last week we gave you a few gift suggestions you might be interested in buying on Fair Tuesday.  This week let’s talk about why Fair Tuesday is a great thing! It’s one day right in the middle of holiday shopping that reminds consumers how much power we really have.  We vote with our dollars and we […]

Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas!

You have the office party, the best-friends party, and the family holiday bash…and you need gifts! We all know holiday gift exchange parties abound this time of year, and you need gifts for each one. It’s always hard finding gifts that would suit anyone’s taste – whether it be your boss or your Aunt Jane […]

Fair Trade Pumpkin Soup

The day to give thanks is right around the corner! Why not make this year a Fair Trade Thanksgiving? Maybe you fix a feast for a dozen people each year, or you’re like me and just hover in the kitchen being the all-important sampler. But whatever your role, you can do your part to make […]

How Tuesday: Ornament Exchange

I love love love the holidays! As mid-October rolls around each I have already started making Thanksgiving plans and my December has begun to fill up with fun holiday cheer outings.  Last year one of the new additions to my holiday fun was an ornament exchange.  I have a group of friends whom I go […]