Shifting Your Shopping this Holiday Season!

This past Wednesday I had the chance to do some holiday shopping that gives back.  Seven Hopes United along with five other businesses that are either fair trade, help kids take a step out of poverty or help combat human trafficking gathered to sell their beautiful and unique gifts. The gift fair was at the home of one of the women selling her items. She had food, wine and holiday music playing and it was a relaxed and fun way to meet new people and find new gift ideas.  Below are photos from the event as well as the names of the purveyors who attended.


Seven Hopes United – If every American made just one fair trade purchase a year it would lift one million families out of poverty.


International Sanctuary – People are trafficked. Victims are rescued. Then what? iSanctuary provides dignity to survivors through professional opportunities.


Malia Designs – Socially responsible, fair trade handbags and accessories that are handcrafted in Cambodia; every purchase helps combat human trafficking.


San Diego Bath & Body Co. – Just like the foods that you put in your body, we believe that the products you put on your body should be as simple and direct from nature as you can get; fair trade, vegan, organic. (Also, that’s my mom on the right.)


Krochet Kids – Working to create sustainable economic development programs that support holistic growth of individuals and communities living in poverty. And working to inspire the knowledge of a generation about their ability to bring change to a world that is in need.


Wei of Chocolate – Organic, vegan, fair trade, soy-free and gluten free. Wei means transformative action, which is exactly what happens when you let their chocolate melt in your mouth.

Enjoy and happy holidays – Dawn

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