Monthly Archives: January 2014

7 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I’ll admit it, I LOVE love! And I’m glad there’s a day to help remind us to appreciate and dote on our significant others and good friends a bit more than usual. One of my goals this year is to be mindful of my every day purchases – whether it be choosing organic over non-organic, […]

Baby Shower Gifts that Give Back!

Yesterday, I spent a few hours with lovely women at my friend’s baby shower.  Several of the women at the shower were also pregnant and they all looked radiant and beautiful with their little babies growing within.  Baby showers are one of my favorite events, even more than a wedding shower, baby showers are brimming […]

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

When it comes to the term “human trafficking,” what springs to mind for many of us is a disturbing and heart-wrenching, but far-off, reality. We picture human trafficking as an ugly practice that must be stopped in third-world countries. But with January being legally declared “Human Trafficking Awareness Month” in the United States, we must face the fact that […]

How Fashionable it is to be Ethical!

Fashion! I just love it.  For a brief time in my early 20s I lived in New York City, the Bronx specifically.  The year following my college graduation I volunteered as a 6th, 7th and 8th grade teacher.  Let’s just say that teaching was a remarkably difficult (did I also mention that I moved there […]

Fair Trade Jewelry for the New Year!

Fair trade jewelry is a great way to add some flair to your wardrobe year round. But if you’re needing a little fresh start this January, it’s especially perfect! I like New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes catch myself feeling guilty if the’re … well … less than noble. Read War and Peace or learn French? Sounds […]