Fair Trade Essentials for Body, Soul and Home


Happy Friday and Happy Spring! :)

When a new month rolls around, I like to empty out some space in my cabinets, my heart and my mind. You too? It’s so nice to start the Spring season in a fresh new mindset and grab some fun beauty essentials to go with it. :) This month, instead of hopping on Amazon or heading to Target to get my “me” shopping in, I’m logging right onto SevenHopesUnited.com!

I’m so happy the fair trade movement continues to build, and more and more people across the country are showing excitement for ethically made and sourced products. When the term “fair trade” comes up, sometimes people just think coffee or chocolate. And while those ar wonderful products that can support the fair trade movement, today we’re going to think out of the box. I’ll highlight some of my favorite ethical products to feed your body, soul and home! Care to take a peek?

For your Body:
Dreambean Essentials Gift Set: Ok, so this one says “gift set,” it’s true. But who made up the rule you can’t give gifts to yourself? Sorry to whoever did, but I’m breaking it.


Bali-Made Flower Soaps: These moisturizing, handmade soaps are wrapped in soft, hand-screened cotton fabric, and produced by a small cooperative of artisan soap makers and organic farmers in the high mountains of Bali. Smell extra sweet this month!


For Your Soul:

31 BITS Sunday Frill Necklace: Can a necklace be good for the soul? I think any woman who appreciates jewelry would give this an amen. Made in Uganda, this beautiful piece is a new staff favorite.

7Hopes 7

Bali Green Kimono Robe: Cuddle up in this cozy, soft robe and dream the morning away. Sometimes, an hour or two in your robe is the best way to start the day.


For Your Home:

Spiral Sun Hatian Wall Art: This Spiral Sun is sure to bring joy to your home, just as your purchase brings joy to the artist, Brutal Michel’s family. Each piece of art is cut and shaped by hand from a 55-gallon recycled metal drum. The finished design is coated with a protective finish so that it can be hung indoors or outdoors.


Tree of Life Wall Tapestry: Feed your artistic spirit when you hang this beauty on your wall.  Traditionally painted on mud walls, villagers in India adapt the time-honored style of Mandana folk art to create this appliqued tapestry. The entire artwork is done by using a single piece of fabric using small hand stitches.

What are your giving to your body, soul and home this month? Let me know in the comments! :)



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