Festival Fashion, Fair Trade Style!

Festival season is officially upon us. And if you’re one of the people who feverishly stalks Coachella fashion every year, I have good news for you. Coachella might be over after this weekend, but festival season is just beginning! (And if “festival season” to you is no more than ogling People.com after each outdoor concert to check out what the celebs wore, you and I are in the same boat).

Behold, festival fashion, fair trade style:

festival fashion

Gorgeous, right? That’s our 31BITS Rosette Necklace, Nicole Miller Textile Bangles, and Rectangle Mojave Sseko Sandals. And the beautiful dress is made by Emma Clothing— sales of each handmade dress contribute to the livelihood of women and children in Zimbabwe.

Hope you’re now inspired to go out and throw together your own fair trade festival outfit (even if it means you’re wearing it to a backyard party with friends and jamming to your iTunes on an outdoor speaker)!

Summer is coming!



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