“Follow” Fun with 7 Hopes United!

Hello friends!

I’m just guessing here, but I’m making an assumption that you have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, an Instagram, and maybe a Pinterest login thrown in for good measure. Well, guess what? We do too!

Within the past few years, social media use has skyrocketed. I love the way all of these platforms can be used to spread the fair trade message. Each sharing site is fun in its own way!

Around here, we:

Use our Instagram account to share behind-the-scenes photos and styling ideas:

social media 1

Pin interesting facts and figures about fair trade as well as new product images on our Pinterest page:

Social media 3

Use Facebook to showcase our talented artisans doing what they do, and update you on how your purchases are making a difference in their lives:

social media 2

And Tweet inspiring quotes, links to blog posts, and new product updates!

social media 5

Are you following us on all of these pages? Make sure to keep up with us on social media to learn about how purchasing fair trade products really does make a difference in the developing world. If you sit in the front of a computer all day, a few minutes of social media can be a refreshing break. And it’s extra fun when Web surfing and shopping can help open your eyes to the need you can help fill in our shared world!



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