Monthly Archives: June 2014

America the Beautiful: July 4th Fashion

Happy Almost-July, my friends! Let’s talk about Independence Day today. Just in case you were thinking it was all about celebrating ‘Merica, enjoying family and the great outdoors, or maybe, well, hot dogs (did I just expose one of your innermost thoughts there?), allow me to enlighten you: it’s not. It’s all about the fashion! Fair trade fashion, that […]

Why Fair Trade?

If every American made just ONE Fair Trade purchase a year, it would lift ONE MILLION families out of poverty. That really makes you think, doesn’t it? We hear the words “fair trade,” “ethical shopping,” and “social responsibility” a lot these days. But sometimes what they actually mean gets lost in the shuffle. Here’s a […]

Vendor Spotlight: 31 BITS!

Hi friends—hope you’re having a very happy Friday! Today I thought it would be fun to highlight one of our jewelry-making artisan groups—the talented ladies behind 31 BITS! We sell many of their pieces here on our site and are greatful to partner with such passionate, inspiring women who put their whole hearts and souls into […]

All About Baskets! {Product Spotlight}

When I registered for wedding gifts with Seven Hopes, it’s possible I went a little too far with the baskets. I’m willing to admit this now. I couldn’t help myself; there are so many styles to choose from on the site! I love anything woven and colorful. If it’s a basket I can use to hide my piles of “stuff” and […]