Nula Kids {Friends With a Mission}


It’s been a while since we’ve done a Friends With a Mission post! If you’ll recall, this is where we like to introduce you to some great companies we’ve come across who share a mission similar to ours. We all know that money is a powerful resource, one we can use to empower others. It’s fun to discover companies who find creative ways of doing just that—such as California-based Nula Kids! Nula is a sustainable children’s clothing company that came up with a fun concept: the clothes adjust to fit your ever-growing kids, so they can wear them for longer. Fun, right?

From the Nula Kids Website:

We started Nula to create a sustainable alternative to throw-away kids clothes by designing styles that grow with kids and obsessing over durable construction.

Inspired by a growing movement toward sustainable fashion and driven by a lack of options for kids, we teamed up to start Nula in 2012. After learning about the harmful effects of the global apparel industry we set out to solve the problems with sustainable kidswear – its high cost and short lifecycle.

We work with manufacturers in Los Angeles to make quality clothes that fit for three years. We visit them often. And we sell directly to our customers online to keep our prices as low as possible.

We started the kind of company we want to buy from – one that makes lasting goods in the US and provides affordable options for conscious consumers – founded on the belief that we shouldn’t have to accept products with mysterious origins, or settle for throw-away goods that fill up our homes and landfills and keep us coming back for more.

I love this concept. We all know how quickly kids grow, and buying new items only adds to the 25 billion pounds of textiles Americans throw out a year. So if you have little ones at home, I encourage you to give Nula Kids a try!



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