Friday Favorites

Happy September!

September is one of my favorite months. Even though Spring is technically the season of “fresh starts,” I feel the same way about Autumn! I even signed up for my first Fantasy Football team this year. It’s still nameless (thinking of a name seems to be outside my capability realm this week) and I still don’t totally understand the rules. But I managed to pick my players based on ability instead of “attractiveness level” like I wanted to, so I suppose that’s something, right?

If you enjoy Fall and football season too, let’s kick off the weekend with some fun Fall-themed favorites from around the Web! Feel free to add links to anything you’ve been loving lately in the comments!

Favorite Fashion: I’m loving having a moment with anything bright and plaid. Now if the only the temps would cooperate and drop just a bit so I can break out my scarves!


Favorite Website: Give Generation compiles tons of socially conscious, “do-good” companies all in one place. It’s my go-to when I have an online shopping urge! They have women’s, men’s and children’s goodies—and even a pet section!


Favorite Dinner: One of my favorite recipes from one of my favorite blogs! This recipe somehow manages to combine comfort food with sneaky vegetables and the toasty subs are perfect for a chilly evening.


Favorite Sip: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Apple cider is always a yes, and if it’s served in such a cute way, I pretty much can’t resist!


Favorite Home Design: How great is this outdoor kitchen? Perfect for sitting around chatting on a cozy, sweater-weather evening. A girl can dream!


Have a wonderful weekend!


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