Coffee Date


Hello and Happy weekend! How about a little catch-up session “coffee date” today? (Decaf for me and my 8 months pregnant belly!)

Isn’t that a beautiful quote above? I’ve heard it before, but something about it struck me in a new way recently. As many of us are struggling through a long, cold Winter, just waiting for Spring, I try to remind myself that seasons don’t have to be looked on as something to endure. Seasons—in weather or in life—-are inevitable, and resenting the inevitable is as pointless and frustrating as tapping on a brick wall and expecting it to give way. Maybe the way to view seasons is that they hold a treasure of their own, lessons to be learned, if we’re just willing to be students for a little while.

I’ve been (semi!) patiently waiting for my little girl to arrive in March, and already I find myself worrying about how fast she’ll grow, how her birth will be, how our family will cope with a brand new little person in our world. But every time I allow myself to dwell on these thoughts, I know I’m missing out on the excitement of rubbing my belly here and now, and appreciating who she already is right at this moment. I don’t want to miss the fun of reading stories to her as she’s snug in my belly while I’m busy worrying about how safe she’ll be in her crib later.

I often find myself getting restless to move to a bigger house—new baby! We need more room!, to a different city—surely somewhere Winter doesn’t exist!, to somehow vaguely try to control all of my surroundings and circumstances so they will match my version of what the American Dream should look like. But then I remember that every moment we’re given is a gift, and none of us are “owed” anything—especially not the perfect house, the perfect city, or the perfect possessions. And that “perfect” is a man-made concept that doesn’t exist.

When I find myself in these type of “wanting” moods, the best way I know how to fix it is to remind myself of how blessed I really am, then go out and bless someone else! Just picking out a gift to brighten a friend’s home instead of my own just feels right sometimes.

What about you? Are you going through a “season” of your own and just waiting for Spring? The good thing is, even though it’s often not as soon as we’d like, it always comes!



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