Buy a Lady a Drink Campaign

If your work week has been as chilly as mine (thinking of all of you stuck inside during the blizzard!), chances are you’ve checked out some of the pics from the Sundance Film Festival that’s going on in Utah. If it’s going to be snowy, might as well embrace the view, right? Along with scrolling through the gorgeous landscape pics and the fun outfits (always a good lunch-break activity), have you read about how launched the Buy a Lady a Drink campaign this year during the festival?

This campaign is super inspiring! From the Buy a Lady a Drink Website:

“Today, 750 million people around the world live without access to clean water. This crisis disproportionately affects women, who walk a combined 200 million hours a day to collect clean water for their families. Stella Artois has partnered with and donated $1.2 million USD to help stop these journeys, so women can start new ones of their own. Show your support with these specially designed chalices inspired by the cultural heritage of India, Ethiopia, and Honduras. Every chalice purchased will provide 5 years of clean water for one person in the developing world.”

Think about that for a minute—purchasing one fun beer mug to add to your collection provides FIVE YEARS of clean drinking water for a person who walks miles each day currently just to collect the same water that flows freely from our faucets! You might be thinking, “I bet this chalice is like $100, which is pretty steep for a mug.” (The thought entered my mind.) But nope—it’s only $12! And they are lovely:

I know that I, for one, take clean water for granted every single day, multiple times a day. As I’m brushing my teeth, flushing the toilet, heating up water for my coffee, filling my ice cube trays … the list goes on. Anything I can do to help other women have this easy access to clean water so they can spend more time with their families and developing their careers, I’m all for it!

water-org-stella-artois-2-w724(Images via)

Have you heard about this campaign yet? Way to go, and Stella Artois!




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