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Coffee Date : THREE

This morning I want to take you to one of my all-time favorite coffee shops in San Diego – Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. There are so many things that I love about this place…from the open-air entryway, to the heart behind their brand, to the sweet golden retrievers that always seem to greet me with […]

Coffee Date : TWO

Let’s transport ourselves to Stumptown Coffee Roasters in NYC. There’s just something about the barista’s adorable outfits… and the beautiful coffee artistry… that keeps me wanting more… If we were having coffee this morning, I’d tell you that Seven Hopes United is now at a couple more farmers markets in San Diego. In addition to […]

Coffee Date : ONE

I’ve seen the idea of a virtual coffee date on some of my favorite blogs like Eat, Live, Run and The Weigands. They are beautiful posts from the heart, where we can catch up on life whether or not we have ever met or you are nearby. If we were having coffee, I would probably […]