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Fair Trade Pajama Loungers! {Product Spotlight}

Fair trade pajama loungers? I know you might be thinking, that’s not the most exciting topic for a Friday, but once you see the pants you’ll change your mind. Promise. I don’t know about you, but my faithful black yoga pants are just begging for a long nap in the drawer labeled “winter.” They’re ready to be […]

Friday Favorites!

I think Fridays call for a little extra dose of happy. (!) If you agree, read on for a collection of some of my favorite things this week. I’m currently on vacation and headed to the beach as soon as I hit publish here—so that’s definitely at the top of my list. Wherever you are, […]

The Power of FIVE

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Smateria and Five Accessories: a social enterprise connecting people with a passion to help change their world through products that truly make a difference! You’ll find two new products from Smateria in our fair trade handbag line, the Eco-Friendly 3-Way Bag and the Oversized Flower Shoulder Bag. […]

How Jewelry Is Saving the World

Well … that’s a rather bold title, isn’t it? Ok, so jewelry may not fly around, red cape-clad, and swoop in on a distressed Lois Lane today. But it has its own world-saving power. Want to see what I mean? Ladies, we love jewelry. It’s pretty much a proven fact, just like we love potato chips and puppies (and […]