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Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Flowers

Flowers! They offer that wonderful final touch to a wedding.  Flowers, especially fair trade flowers, bring it all together; from the bouquets, to the boutonnieres, to the center pieces, I love them all! Perhaps it’s clear that I hold flowers in high esteem.  Anything that is brings such loveliness can only be held with high […]

Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Dresses!

My most favorite part of my wedding planning was the wedding dress! I loved choosing my wedding dress and I found one I really loved.  Since I didn’t have bridesmaids I didn’t choose additional dresses for friends or family but I can imagine that that process could be a very fun one too. Today I […]

Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Gifts

Weddings and gifts go hand-in-hand, but this week I am not talking about gifts for the bride and groom.  Rather, I would like to suggest some gifts for those around you who have loved and supported you throughout the wedding planning process. I’d like to suggest some ideas on gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. […]

Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Drinks!

Although I know that some weddings are dry and don’t serve alcohol, I have to say that every one I have attended has served some sort of hard drink.  There have been occasion when a wedding only serves wine and beer, which is fine by me but other times all sorts of drinks are available. […]