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How to Make Your Fair Trade Wedding Registry

PicMonkey Collage Registry Final

Calling all summer brides—have you heard about our fair trade wedding registry? Have you created a registry yet? Yes, you and the husband you have to bribe with promises of popcorn and Pizza Hut at checkout before he’ll even glance Target’s way. This blog post is for you.

There’s no getting around it—registering for wedding gifts can be kind of stressful. At least for me personally, it was. My husband wasn’t really into it, and he gets uncomfortable buying (or in this case, asking other people to buy us) stuff. Both of us feel strongly that spending excess money on household items isn’t something we want to get into a habit of. Enter Seven Hopes United.


When you register for fair trade wedding gifts, you’re still giving your guests a helpful list of things you want for your new home (after all, they will buy you a gift anyway and it’s nice if it’s something they know you truly want). But you can feel good knowing exactly how the items are made and how your loved ones’ dollars are benefiting the lives of others.

Here’s a little bit about how it works:

With a Seven Hopes United Fair Trade Gift Registry, you are not only receiving gifts you’ll love, your gift purchases ensure that our artisans are paid a living wage for their work, working conditions are safe, and no children are exploited.

The principle behind Seven Hopes United gift giving is that your gift works in two ways:

  1. You are giving the gift of hope and a future to people who need it most.
  2. By making giving fun, innovative and convenient, your friends and family will feel good about the help their gift is giving.

It’s easy to register—just head to this section of our Website and start clicking away! If you need some ideas, we have a list here of some of our most popular items. We have all the categories you would see at say, Bed Bath and Beyond—-kitchen items, serving dishes, bedding, towels, decorative wall art, etc.

It’s also fun because you do the whole thing online—no more dragging your husband (or maybe you have to drag yourself!) around with a little registering gun. And then once you’ve registered, you can have your bridal party send the link to guests or upload it on your wedding Website.

And here’s a great extra:

For every 10 items purchased from your gift registry, we’ll make a donation in your honor. Your gift of mosquito nets will help protect a family against malaria and other deadly insect-borne diseases.


UNICEF reports that Malaria is an endemic in 90% of sub-Saharan Africa and is one of the main causes of mortality for children under the age of 5. Only 22% of children under the age of five years old are sleeping under a mosquito net, and only 5% of those nets are the insecticide treated mosquito nets. With your gift, we can help save lives.

I know that when I registered for wedding gifts with Seven Hopes United, it ended up being one of my favorite aspects of my wedding! This bride agrees:

“A progressive alternative to typical bridal registries, Seven Hopes United brings together eco-conscious brides with artisans from around the world…a portion of the proceeds from every item sold is invested back into artisan communities, helping to further promote the economic freedom and social development made possible by the fair trade movement.”   — Carolina Bride

So brides, what are you waiting for?

If you like this idea, feel free to pin/tweet/share the link to this post! This Spring, let’s get a fair trade wedding registry movement going that will impact the lives of millions of families across the globe!



Fair Trade Wedding – Kathleen & Russell

Fair Trade Wedding Wednesday – yay! I know lots of you love these posts as much as I do, and today’s real couple, Kathleen and Russell, have a great list of favorites from their fair trade registry. A big thanks to Kathleen for sharing her list and beautiful wedding photos with us!

We are a young couple from the Midwest who have a laid-back and eclectic style. Our first home is an apartment in Bloomington, Indiana (Home of the Hoosiers!) and we’ve worked hard to make hand-me-down furniture and thrift store kick-knacks look cohesive. I am a self-proclaimed “lazy girl crafter” meaning I love homemade, unique decorations but don’t have the patience for long projects. With Fair Trade items you get quality craftsmanship without having to do it yourself – perfect! After learning about and becoming an advocate for Fair Trade in college, Russell and I were excited to find a wedding registry to promote the cause.

Without further ado, here are a few of Kathleen & Russell’s favorite fair trade products!


1. Turquoise Paisley Table Runner
This beautiful table runner makes our $10 garage sale table look much greater than it’s worth. There are beautiful bits of red and yellow in the design which inspired the color scheme for our living space.

2. Turquoise Blue Vetiver Placemats
These placemats tie in well with the Paisley Table Runner. Best of all, you can throw
them in the washing machine with no damage done!

3. Green Ginkgo Pot Holder
My great-grandma’s favorite tree was the Ginkgo. She would display the dried leaves on the wall of her apartment, among the other oddities that she collected. This pot holder is sentimental, cheery, and bright.

4. Blown Glass Pitcher
In my opinion, this pitcher is one of the most beautiful items on the site. I can’t wait for winter to be over so we can sit on our porch and drink lemonade from it!

5. Handblown Drinking Glasses
These glasses, like the pitcher, are beautiful yet sturdy. We use them daily, but we’re also sure to put them out when guests are over!

Thanks again Kathleen, for the fabulous list of products and your awesome product descriptions! If you are interested in having your favorite fair trade products featured, email me and I will give you more details!

wedding photography: Maggie Russo // engagement photography: Abbey Grim Photography

Wedding Wednesday: Seven Hopes United vs. William Sonoma

Last week we looked at registering for bathroom necessities this week let’s look at kitchen items!

We will compare items from Seven Hopes United and William Sonoma

Enjoy – Dawn












Blue Cornflower Blocked Printed Tablecloth

Napkin Rings








Atta Grass Napkin Rings

Napkins & Placemats

PicMonkey Collage_napkin and place mate










Aqua Fish Napkins

Aqua Fish Placemats 

Large Salad Bowl and Utensils

PicMonkey Collage_saladbowl utensils

PicMonkey Collage











Persimmon Medley Salad Servers

Large Green Stripe Mango Wood Salad Bowl

Wedding Wednesday: Seven Hopes United vs. Pottery Barn

When a couple marries it is wonderful to celebrate at the reception with them and to show your love by giving them a gift, which will help them start their new lives together.  There is debate on whether or not to buy off a couples’ registry; I make sure to purchase a gift from the registry but sometimes like to add a little something else I think they might like too.  Regardless of your preference the gift registry is a part of most weddings.

We thought it would be nice to demonstrate the lovely fair trade alternatives available for new couples from Seven Hopes United.  For the next few weeks we will be featuring fair trade registry ideas.  We are following a list of possible items to be added to a registry as suggested by Real Simple magazine. We compared items from Seven Hopes United to Pottery Barn, our items are on the right hand side.

Gift Registry: Bath!

4 Sets of Towels (including wash cloth, hand towel and bath towel): LOOP Turkish Towels

LOOP_TurkTowelStack_WebReady 2









Bath Mat: Vetiver Bath Mat

bath matimg25o







Hamper: Green African Laundry Hamper











Bath Robes: Lovely Lilac Kimono Robe


bath robe