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Haitian Oil Drum Wall Art - Fish Lid

This sculpture is especially exciting for us because he created it in front of our very eyes on a recent visit to California. During several artist demonstrations throughout the Central Coast, this piece took shape, scale by fishy scale. Love how he incorporated the spout of the drum into the fishes' eyes!

These wonderful sculptures are handmade from 55 gallon oil drums in Haiti. The steel drums vary from brown to grey to black. As such, colors will vary on each, unique piece. Thank you for supporting our artists. Each purchase makes a huge difference in the quality of their lives.

Country of Origin:

23" x 23"

About the Artist:
Evenson performed a long series of apprenticeships with such prominent Croix-des-Bouquets sculptors as Claude Soulouque, Jonas Balan, and Herbert Bernard before opening his own shop called, "Corbel" at the age of twenty.

The earthquake destroyed his shop, his home, and the home of his parents, and though none of his loved ones were lost, the setback has been tremendous. "Now I am supporting my parents and we are all are forced to regroup, surviving on the money that I can make."

Still, his spirit is indomitable. He smiles as he says, "Inspiration runs in my veins, giving much pleasure to me." Though the themes of his sculptures run a wide gamut, from schools of fish to giraffes dancing in the forest to the vibe of a rara band, he claims that his favorite images are of, "angels, mermaids, and trees." In rebuilding his home and re-establishing security for his family, Thenor affirms, "We will never be discouraged. We will never give up."

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Haitian Oil Drum Wall Art - Fish Lid
Haitian Oil Drum Wall Art - Fish Lid

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