Decorative Table Runners

Summer is here! We love entertaining and these decorative table runners crafted by fair trade artisans in India are the perfect addition to our summer soirees. Can’t get enough of these block-printed beauties!

IMG_1922 IMG_1923 IMG_1924

Each of our decorative table runners are produced by artisans in the Rajasthan region of India. They use a traditional method of hand-block printing that has been passed down for generations. If you look closely, you can sometimes identify the borders of the blocks and verify the handmade process. From start to finish, each table runner can take 7-10 days to create. True works of art!

IMG_1928 IMG_1927

IMG_1926 IMG_1925

  1. Blue Cornflower Block-Print Table Runner
  2. Blue Daphne Table Runner
  3. French Blue Table Runner
  4. Turquoise Paisley Table Runner
  5. Red Lotus Flower Table Runner
  6. Misty Taupe Table Runner
  7. Green Paisley Table Runner

These prints are also available in cloth napkins and tablecloths – if there is a print you’d like that you don’t currently see on the website, please email us to order!

Host a Fair Trade “Spa Day” Bridal Shower!

Hey summer bridesmaids! Are your eyes getting tired from scanning Pinterest, searching for “unique” bridal shower ideas? I’ve been there. We all want to make the bride feel special, but you can only plan so many games and bake so many cupcakes, right? Here’s an idea for a different kind of special day for the bride-to-be: a fair trade ”spa day” bridal shower! It’s a great way for everyone to enjoy the day. It’s also a chance to support women in developing nations who may be planning weddings and showers of their own. We can all join together to celebrate love!

PicMonkey Collage

It’s easy: invite all her besties, and tell everyone to bring a gift to pamper the bride. (We suggest including a list of our bed, bath and beauty favorites, such as these plush lavendar bath towels, in the invitation so they can order their gift straight from the Seven Hopes site!)

If you’re the Maid of Honor and in charge of the day, here’s an idea for your own gift to the bride: order her a beautiful, cozy Kimono Robe to spend the day in! You and the other bridesmaids can select and order a few of the lush pampering sets from our site, such as this fun pedicure set handmade in Indonesia. Then set them out amidst some eco-friendly Brazil nut candles, and let everyone go to town! Manis and pedis and makeovers await! :)



Nula Kids {Friends With a Mission}


It’s been a while since we’ve done a Friends With a Mission post! If you’ll recall, this is where we like to introduce you to some great companies we’ve come across who share a mission similar to ours. We all know that money is a powerful resource, one we can use to empower others. It’s fun to discover companies who find creative ways of doing just that—such as California-based Nula Kids! Nula is a sustainable children’s clothing company that came up with a fun concept: the clothes adjust to fit your ever-growing kids, so they can wear them for longer. Fun, right?

From the Nula Kids Website:

We started Nula to create a sustainable alternative to throw-away kids clothes by designing styles that grow with kids and obsessing over durable construction.

Inspired by a growing movement toward sustainable fashion and driven by a lack of options for kids, we teamed up to start Nula in 2012. After learning about the harmful effects of the global apparel industry we set out to solve the problems with sustainable kidswear – its high cost and short lifecycle.

We work with manufacturers in Los Angeles to make quality clothes that fit for three years. We visit them often. And we sell directly to our customers online to keep our prices as low as possible.

We started the kind of company we want to buy from – one that makes lasting goods in the US and provides affordable options for conscious consumers – founded on the belief that we shouldn’t have to accept products with mysterious origins, or settle for throw-away goods that fill up our homes and landfills and keep us coming back for more.

I love this concept. We all know how quickly kids grow, and buying new items only adds to the 25 billion pounds of textiles Americans throw out a year. So if you have little ones at home, I encourage you to give Nula Kids a try!



America the Beautiful: July 4th Fashion

Happy Almost-July, my friends!

Let’s talk about Independence Day today. Just in case you were thinking it was all about celebrating ‘Merica, enjoying family and the great outdoors, or maybe, well, hot dogs (did I just expose one of your innermost thoughts there?), allow me to enlighten you: it’s not. It’s all about the fashion! Fair trade fashion, that is.


We love holidays around here, and July 4th is no exception. If you’re still contemplating what to wear to your day at the beach or backyard BBQ, let us help show you the way. And you can wear these fun finds all summer long!

Here are a few of my fave reds, whites and blues from Seven Hopes United:

PicMonkey Collage

Clockwise from the top left, we’ve got:

1. Sseko Sandals in Navy
2. Tagua Chip Earrings in Soft Gray
3. 31BITS Cascade Necklace in White
4. Recycled Plastic Shoulder Bag in Navy and White

All kidding aside, we know that the 4th of July is a wonderful time to celebrate life with loved ones and give thanks for the land of the free and the home of the brave. And we can remember that through purchasing fair trade items as opposed to mass-produced, we are taking an active part in helping foster independence for our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Olga Moran and Cesar Yamberia, our artisans in Ecuador who hand-craft the beautiful necklace you see above, state: ”Our life has been difficult, but our children will have a better future, thanks to the people like you who buy our jewelry.” They receive fair wages for their labor and have access to nonprofit services, such as scholarships and training programs, that previously would not have been available to them. Let’s make it a goal as we enjoy time with our own children this summer to actively invest in the future of children and families across the globe!