Friday Favorites

Happy September!

September is one of my favorite months. Even though Spring is technically the season of “fresh starts,” I feel the same way about Autumn! I even signed up for my first Fantasy Football team this year. It’s still nameless (thinking of a name seems to be outside my capability realm this week) and I still don’t totally understand the rules. But I managed to pick my players based on ability instead of “attractiveness level” like I wanted to, so I suppose that’s something, right?

If you enjoy Fall and football season too, let’s kick off the weekend with some fun Fall-themed favorites from around the Web! Feel free to add links to anything you’ve been loving lately in the comments!

Favorite Fashion: I’m loving having a moment with anything bright and plaid. Now if the only the temps would cooperate and drop just a bit so I can break out my scarves!


Favorite Website: Give Generation compiles tons of socially conscious, “do-good” companies all in one place. It’s my go-to when I have an online shopping urge! They have women’s, men’s and children’s goodies—and even a pet section!


Favorite Dinner: One of my favorite recipes from one of my favorite blogs! This recipe somehow manages to combine comfort food with sneaky vegetables and the toasty subs are perfect for a chilly evening.


Favorite Sip: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Apple cider is always a yes, and if it’s served in such a cute way, I pretty much can’t resist!


Favorite Home Design: How great is this outdoor kitchen? Perfect for sitting around chatting on a cozy, sweater-weather evening. A girl can dream!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Come Sail Away


This Labor Day Weekend, let’s all choose to be adventurers! As Summer turns to Fall, I’m trying to remember that each season is precious and contains something to help us grow. I hope your long weekend is filled with fun outings, lots of love, and perhaps a jaunt out of your comfort zone…after all, that’s where the best discoveries are made!



Fair Trade Swap: Autumn Edition!


I know, I know, it’s only August. But where I live the temps have been nice and cool lately, and I can’t help but start getting excited for Fall! Will it help my cliché status a little bit if I tell you I actually don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes that much? I’m more of a hazelnut cappuccino kind of girl. But as for changing leaves, bonfires, and cuddly sweatshirts … bring it on!

One of my favorite ways to shop is to take the items I love and can find easily accessible in the mall and search out sustainable, ethical fair trade alternatives. So before you start stocking up on all of your Autumn “essentials,” care to take a look at some fun, ethical, “Octobery” finds with me? Below are a few of my fave Fall items!

PicMonkey Collage

All of the items on the right are fair trade! Just as gorgeous (and affordable) as the ones on the left, right? Sometimes all it takes is a little digging! And I did the digging for you in this case :). Listed below are where each item is from, with links to the fair trade items:

Traditional Items:
1. Bath and Body Works
2. Gap
3. DSW
4. Columbia Activewear
5.Pottery Barn

Fair Trade Items:
1. Seven Hopes United
2. Noonday Collection
3. Teysha
4. Roozt
5. Seven Hopes United

Are you as ready for Fall as I am?



Anniversary Gifts by Year

If you’re a recent newlywed, you know how difficult it is to come up with the perfect gift for your husband or wife-to-be on the wedding day. Well, I’ve got news for you—it doesn’t get much easier as the years go by! On anniversaries, it’s easy to hit panic mode when searching for a special gift.

We’re here to help with that! I put together a list below of gift ideas from Seven Hopes that correspond to the “traditional” gifts for each year of marriage. Being traditional doesn’t need to be boring!

Traditional Anniversary Gift for Year 1: Paper

Camellia Necklace: Here you go, guys! The perfect gift for your lovely bride of one year. This beautiful 31BITS necklace is made of recycled paper beads and will be sure to win you some possibly much-needed husband points. :)


Traditional Anniversary Gift for Year 2: Cotton

Blue Daphne Table Runner: This bright, cheery table runner is will brighten up your dining room in the best way! Whichever one of you is the decorator in the house will love this gift.


Traditional Anniversary Gift for Year 3: Leather

Mini Bolga Market Basket: This mini African market basket was handwoven by artisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana. Each mini market basket is beautiful and unique, designed with a sturdy leather handle and a thick base, perfect for use as a farmers market basket!


Traditional Anniversary Gift for Year 4: Flowers

Ceramic Talavera Wall Mirror: A fun take on the idea of “Flowers,” this handcrafted mirror depicts colorful wildflowers and would be perfect for the husband who enjoys decorating!

wedding 4

Traditional Anniversary Gift for Year 5: Wood

Custom Ampersand Wooden Serving TrayA gorgeous piece to liven up your dinner parties, this serving tray highlights your shared last name (if you chose to have the same last name) in a beautiful and fresh way! Be sure to check out our Custom Cutting Boards too!

wedding 5

Which wedding gift idea is your favorite?



Sale Items!

There’s nothing quite like a weekend sale! We recently reduced the prices of some of our favorite Seven Hopes items. As Fall approaches and you feel like freshening up your wardbrobe and/or home (personally, I always go with the and :)) take a peek at some of the items listed below!

1. Javanese Jewel Oven Mitt:

Sale 1

Our classic oven mitts in a new sophisticated jewel print, inspired by antique Javanese tiles. Pair with our matching Javanese Jewel Apron. Hand-printed with care by our fair trade partners in Bali.

2. Guerrero Bowl:

Sale 2

Crafted to nestle naturally in your hand, this bowl allows you to enjoy dining with ease. Its unique and comforting shape is accented by its natural olive color. The artist, Pedro, is a fourth generation potter who dreams that one day his ceramics will be recognized across the globe. Pedro is a ceramic instructor, one of four certified master potters in Nicaragua, a great father and a community leader.

3. Shibori Cotton Scarves:

Sale 3

These scarves are made from 100% cotton by artisans in India, and embellished with fine tie-dye. Each scarf has a soft crinkled look, and comes in three colors: pink, blue, and green. Your purchase provides fair wages to talented artisans in India, and helps their communities rise above poverty. (They’re only $10 at the moment! Get one while they last. :))

4. Cocoki Yoga Bag:

Sale 4

Stylish, comfortable, and impactful; this is not your average yoga bag. Hand-crafted by women in Rwanda, these yoga bags show off your unique style and consciousness. Our yoga bag has a full length zipper for easy loading, and an outside pocket to hold your keys, phone, and gym ID. It fits all sizes of yoga mats with space at the top to tuck in a towel.

The women of Cocoki proudly design and produce these yoga bags from traditional Dutch Wax cloth – using nothing but their own creativity and foot-powered sewing machines. A great gift for yoga enthusiasts of all kinds – from beginners to old pros. Available in two different color patterns: Lime Green, which you see above, and Indigo.

Cocoki Market Bags:

Sale 5

Run errands in style with these versatile shopping totes, hand-crafted from Dutch Wax cloth by the same women’s cooperative in Rwanda. These beautiful tote bags are perfect for carrying books and groceries, or an every day carryall.

6. Yellow Warming Basket:

Sale 6

This yellow warming basket was handwoven by Wolof women in Senegal, West Africa. Made from typha and recycled plastic strips used in the production of prayer mats, this lidded basket is not only beautiful, but eco-friendly. A thoughtful way to gift homemade rolls or cookies.

7. Blue Diamond Vase:

Sale 7

Featuring a black rim and base and a beautiful blue diamond pattern, there will be no problem incorporating this piece into any living space. Perfect for flowers, or as a stand alone decor item, we’re sure you will find plenty of uses for this functional and decorative work of art!

By purchasing the Blue Diamond Vase, you’re fostering the growth and sustainability of Juan’s family business, as well as supporting his dream to have his pottery displayed in homes around the world.

To see the rest of our sale items (there are quite a few right now!) click here.

Have a very happy weekend!