Ethically Sourced Products Should be the Heart of Business

Ethically sourced products should be be the center of any business philosophy says Seven Hopes United’s president, Ashley Shilts.

For a growing number of consumers, the desire to purchase jewelry, home decor, and gifts, is balanced by the need to act responsibly toward society and the environment–which means limiting unnecessary consumption and choosing items that are produced in a socially conscious way. For them, fair trade products are the ideal solution.

Dan Welch, co-editor of Ethical Consumer Magazine, recently noted that eco products continue to rise in popularity, bucking the consumer trend in light of the recent recession. Fair Trade gifts are among the list of eco products that topped sales charts within the last year.

Now more than ever, consumers of all backgrounds are seeking out the value behind the products they purchase. Today, how products are sourced, manufactured, packaged, and shipped all affect consumer spending. This new consciousness is not confined to younger generations; over half of Baby Boomers consider themselves socially conscious shoppers.

The trend in ethical shopping is expected to increase as more and more socially conscious businesses join the market, and consumers continue to look for products that are at once, “pesticide free” “fair trade” and “sustainably harvested.”

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