Fair Trade & Ethical Date Night!

Ahh! Date night! Whether you’re single or married for 40 years, you have to admit that a date night is always fun!!! Some fun date nights I have had have been while drinking beer at a bowling alley (what can I say, I love to bowl, though I am pretty terrible at it). But I have to admit I love to dress up.  As a girl I hated dressing up, much to my mother’s chagrin both my sister and I were tomboys. That has changed, now I am huge fan of putting on a pretty dress, lovely shoes and fabulous jewelry and heading out to the symphony, dinner or a jazz club. And since I care about fair trade and ethically made clothing it seems to make sense that I should focus on dressing up for a fair trade and ethical date night!

Check out these beautiful pieces that you can wear on your fair trade and ethical date night!!

fair trade date night collage


Seven Hopes United 31 Bits Petunia Necklace                                                                                   People Tree Eloise Stretch Bodycon Dress                                                                                       Bulbul Pump at found on Fashioning Change

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