Fair Trade Wedding Presents Guide

I love weddings! I know that weddings can be a bit stressful at times for those planning the event but in general weddings are a wonderfully joyous occasion, which brings people together.  As it turns out wedding season is upon us and perhaps you’ve been invited to a wedding or two (or three) in the coming weeks and months.  If you’ve been invited to a wedding this year, may I  suggest a unique gift that will most certainly please the bride and groom.  Why will they be pleased with their gift? Because Seven Hopes United offers beautiful fair trade presents that will enliven anyone’s home. Below you can find our fair trade wedding guide.


1. Rustic Personalized Wooden Serving Tray
2. Talavera Ceramic Square Bowl – Happy Tradition
3. Sari Patchwork Runner – Violet

Other Top Picks:
Indivisible Love – Wood Statuette
Blown Glass Pitcher – Confetti

Enjoy and have a very happy wedding season! – Dawn


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