Tasty Tuesday: Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade chocolate might be my most favorite fair trade product.  I love the wide range of wonderfully made and truly beautiful and unique fair trade items that are out there but I just adore chocolate, especially when I know that the person who produced it was treated with justice and equality! When people tell me they don’t like chocolate, which isn’t something I’ve heard too often, I just can’t understand; actually I have a seriously intense sweet tooth so I don’t really understand when people don’t like sweets in general.

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

- Charles Dickens

In honor of my passion for chocolate it seemed fit to share some of the fair trade chocolates I enjoy most!

Enjoy – Dawn

photo 4

My favorite! I love this chocolate!!! It is delicious and I like the crunchiness of the quinoa too.


Layers of caramel and crunch and chocolate!!!! Three delicious ingredients in one great chocolate bar!


Milk chocolate isn’t my go to chocolate, I prefer dark chocolate, but this milk chocolate is velvety and really very good!


Theo really does make very wonderful chocolate and I have always enjoyed the chocolate and nut combination that is found in their chocolate and almond bar. Salty + Sweet = Heaven!

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