I am a paper-file…is that a word? It may not be a word but I am definitely in love with paper. ¬†Writing letters on stationary, actual paper stationary, isn’t as commonplace as it once was but I still love it! And I truly enjoy typing out stories and notes on my typewriter (I may have been born at the wrong time when it comes to these things). ¬†Since I love paper so much I wanted to share with you some of my favorite paper finds on our site.

Enjoy – Dawn


That’s me showing off my favorite 31bits necklace!

Happy Night Necklace


Aren’t these colorful paper beads from Uganda gorgeous?

Raffia Twist Bracelet


Because Christmas is right around the corner (and because frankly it’s always a good time of the year to think about Christmas) I thought I would share these beautiful paper-mache ornaments.

Eva Hand Painted Paper-Mache Ornaments

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