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How Tuesday: Fair Trade Fashion

When I was a girl and even into my early adult years I was not in the least bit fashionable.  I didn’t think fashion mattered at all and I think I was concerned that I would spend too much time on something silly like fashion.  But after living in New York City and now in Southern California these past several years I’ve learned that fashion isn’t silly at all. I have learned that I don’t need to spend a ton of time to look good and consequently, like working out and eating well, I feel better when I look nice. And fair trade fashion makes me feel even better because it gives back.


Emma Watson showing off some fair trade fashion.

So today I thought I would give you a few tips that I have learned over the years about fashion, my own little style guide and also pair up some fair trade jewelry with some of my favorite outfits.

Dawn’s Personal Style Guide (please note that this little guide isn’t exhaustive):

1. Be Yourself!

2. Animal print (in small quantities) goes with just about everything.

3. Don’t spend as much on super trendy pieces; they won’t be long enough to get your money’s worth.

4. A beautiful bag and lovely shoes make all the difference.

5. Accessories are a must, along with the bag and shoes, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces can make the most drab outfit look fun and fresh.

This is the short list; there’s always more to add but these are my favorite. Now on to a couple of outfits.

Casual Outfit Pairing:


A simple white t-shirt is always a good piece to have. It goes with everything and this one has a lot of detail but not too much to be over the top. The jewelry really pops on the white and those are mint green skinny jeans underneath.

Dress Up Outfit:


I’ve worn this outfit to work and out for drinks as well. I like how the colors really stand out on the black and white of the zebra print. Here’s also an example of using a little bit of animal print to jazz up an outfit and along with the blue pencil skirt and jewelry I think it’s a fun outfit!




Something New at Seven Hopes United

We’ve got some new features to share with you on the blog and our other social media sites!


Fashion Photos!

Seven Hopes United has such a lovely array of jewelry and accessories so we want to show them off!!! Keep an eye out for the Seven Hopes United team featuring these gorgeous items on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages!

7HU_earring_upclose_rippled_linksRippled Links Earrings

How Tuesday!

Every other week we have been posting recipes under “Tasty Tuesday” and now on the off weeks we will be sharing tips on “How Tuesday.”  Things like different ways to tie a scarf or how to set your table for the holidays.  If you have some ideas for How Tuesday let us know and we will do our best to include it.

Have a wonderful day – Dawn

Fair Trade “Spring Break” Edition!

Greetings friends! It’s almost the end of March—how did that happen?

Are you gearing up for a fun Spring Break trip in the next couple of weeks? (We may be adults, but who decided that Spring Break is only for school kids? I would like to formally issue a complaint with them, if you happen to know their email address.)
Spring Break

I’m heading to Florida next week with my family and I couldn’t be more excited. So what’s a girl to pack in her lime-green suitcase, other than her fave sunnies, a few strappy dresses, and five (ok, maybe six) swimsuits? How about some new fun fair trade finds? See my accessory picks below for a breezy, fashion-filled week at the beach:

Jewelry collage 21. Classic Tagua Bracelet in Jade This fab piece would be perfect with a brightly colored maxi for an evening walk to the pier!
2. Natural Agate Rings These beauties would add a little flair to your fave LBD.
3. Kantha Hair Flower Clip Could anything say “Spring Break” more?
4. 31BITS Gypsy Cuff Beautiful, especially paired with other pieces from this line!

So now that we’re perfectly accessorized, how about some more practical fair trade items to throw in your suitcase? Don’t worry, they’re just as much fun as jewelry:

PicMonkey Collage 3

5. Cocoki Market Tote Bag Perfect for toting a bottle of sunscreen, plus Us Weekly Mag War and Peace along to the beach!
6. Shimmer Sseko Sandal Straps I’ve waxed poetic about these gorgeous sandals and straps before, but these ones are shimmery! Enough said.
7. Dead Sea Bath Salts Every good Spring Breaker knows the ocean dries out your skin. Dump these into your bath at night for a soothing fix!
8. Recycled Ginger Ale Bottle Soy Candle And while you’re in there—make sure to light this unique fresh-smelling candle for a full spa experience. After all, you’re on vacation!

Are you going on a Spring Break trip? Will you be adding any fair trade goodies to your suitcase?

Bon Voyage!


Fair Trade Fashion

Sseko Sandals

It’s Fashion Week in New York! I find many of the photos from the runway glamorous
and exciting. The designers are certainly talented. The one thing I don’t see, or haven’t
seen yet, is an emphasis on ethical fashion. That’s where fair trade can come in.

Seven Hopes United has made a commitment to purchasing fair trade fashion that is ethically
and consciously made. The beautiful items you’ll find at www.sevenhopesunited.com were made
in safe environments, and the artisans that made them earned a living wage. Choose
from gorgeous scarves, unique handbags and hair accessories, lovely jewelry and
fun sandals. And know that the money you spend at Seven Hopes United is not only
an investment in high quality fair trade products it is also an investment in the lives of those that made these great items.Fair Trade Scarves

Fair Trade Necklaces