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Fair Trade Wedding – Kathleen & Russell

Fair Trade Wedding Wednesday – yay! I know lots of you love these posts as much as I do, and today’s real couple, Kathleen and Russell, have a great list of favorites from their fair trade registry. A big thanks to Kathleen for sharing her list and beautiful wedding photos with us!

We are a young couple from the Midwest who have a laid-back and eclectic style. Our first home is an apartment in Bloomington, Indiana (Home of the Hoosiers!) and we’ve worked hard to make hand-me-down furniture and thrift store kick-knacks look cohesive. I am a self-proclaimed “lazy girl crafter” meaning I love homemade, unique decorations but don’t have the patience for long projects. With Fair Trade items you get quality craftsmanship without having to do it yourself – perfect! After learning about and becoming an advocate for Fair Trade in college, Russell and I were excited to find a wedding registry to promote the cause.

Without further ado, here are a few of Kathleen & Russell’s favorite fair trade products!


1. Turquoise Paisley Table Runner
This beautiful table runner makes our $10 garage sale table look much greater than it’s worth. There are beautiful bits of red and yellow in the design which inspired the color scheme for our living space.

2. Turquoise Blue Vetiver Placemats
These placemats tie in well with the Paisley Table Runner. Best of all, you can throw
them in the washing machine with no damage done!

3. Green Ginkgo Pot Holder
My great-grandma’s favorite tree was the Ginkgo. She would display the dried leaves on the wall of her apartment, among the other oddities that she collected. This pot holder is sentimental, cheery, and bright.

4. Blown Glass Pitcher
In my opinion, this pitcher is one of the most beautiful items on the site. I can’t wait for winter to be over so we can sit on our porch and drink lemonade from it!

5. Handblown Drinking Glasses
These glasses, like the pitcher, are beautiful yet sturdy. We use them daily, but we’re also sure to put them out when guests are over!

Thanks again Kathleen, for the fabulous list of products and your awesome product descriptions! If you are interested in having your favorite fair trade products featured, email me and I will give you more details!

wedding photography: Maggie Russo // engagement photography: Abbey Grim Photography

Wedding Wednesday: Color Inspiration!

‘What are your colors?’

I recall being asked that question quite a bit when I was getting married.  Mine were pastels in orange and pink! Whatever your colors were or are or some day may be, color plays a large part in most weddings!

We thought it would be fun to share some color inspiration that comes from Seven Hopes United’s many colorful items.

What better color to start with than the one that is most closely associated with weddings: BLUE!

fair trade wedding blue scarf

A little something blue to wrap around your shoulders!

fair trade wedding

Blue sandals for the wedding itself or perhaps on your honeymoon!

fair trade wedding

This lovely blue tote is a reliable way to carry your many wedding sundries!

fair trade wedding

This darling little bracelet could be a simple addition of blue to your wedding day ensemble!

fair trade wedding

Okay, it’s hard to think about winter in the midst of summer but if you are having a winter wedding wouldn’t this be a cute little gift for your bridesmaids or even for yourself?!

Have a wonderful day – Dawn

PS – What was your something blue? Mine? My husband and I entered our wedding reception to Gershwin’s song “Rhapsody in Blue”!