The Perfect Gift

Finding the Perfect Gift Can Be A Lot of Fun!

Friends who know me well know that I enjoy giving out creative and unique gifts for birthdays, holidays and hostess gifts. This past New Years Eve my husband and I along with a group of good friends rang in the New Year at a Great Gatsby themed party being held at our friend’s home.  The hostess did a marvelous job of bringing the 1920s to life again. She went all out to make it a special night for all of us and indeed it was. Knowing how much time and talent my friend had spent on the party I knew I couldn’t just bring my traditional hostess gift of a bottle of wine. Instead I scoured the Internet looking for a 1920s themed gift and finally found the perfect tumblers on Etsy.  They were glass with photos and names of popular film stars from the era and since my friend also loves movies it was a win-win!

Look No Further!

While not every occasion requires hours searching the web I do feel that every gift should be bought with loving care and the person in mind. Thankfully, you don’t generally need to look much further than Seven Hopes United to find great gifts. Is the birthday girl a cook, why not a colorful apron? Does your boyfriend or husband deserve some relaxation, well then the Dreambean Basket might be the perfect fit? And are you staying with an old friend and you want to show him or her how grateful you are then I suggest vintage sari throw; everyone likes to feel cozy under a warm blanket, especially one so gorgeous and rich in color as this one.

Check out a collage of these and other gift ideas below.

Have a wonderful day, Dawn

PicMonkey Collage gifts

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