Wedding Wednesday! Fair Trade Weddings!


Mata Trader dresses are a beautiful and fair trade addition to this wedding!

We at Seven Hopes United are very happy that so many couples have chosen to use our wedding registry for their nuptials. It is an honor for us to be a part of their new lives together.  The other day we were thinking of ways we might be able to offer even more support to those who are interested in having a fair trade wedding.  It occurred to us that we could offer suggestions and tips on how to have a fair trade wedding right here on our blog.  So we will be sharing our thoughts about having a fair trade wedding here in our Wedding Wednesday blog posts!

Of course, having a fair trade wedding means different things to each couple so our posts will cover a wide range of topics and we are happy to cover ideas that our readers would like to see as well.  So please send us your thoughts.

Have a wonderful day – Dawn


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