Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Drinks!

Although I know that some weddings are dry and don’t serve alcohol, I have to say that every one I have attended has served some sort of hard drink.  There have been occasion when a wedding only serves wine and beer, which is fine by me but other times all sorts of drinks are available.  Keeping this in mind I thought that this week I would write a little bit about some fair trade drink options.

fair trade wine

You may have heard about fair trade wine, but did you know that there are fair trade beer and fair trade vodka options? Check out some fair trade drink options below that you could use at your wedding!


I’ve had Fair Hills Wine before and enjoyed both the red and the white wine I tried.

fair trade spirits

FAIR offers three different kinds of spirits: a Quinoa Vodka, a Cafe Liqueur and Goji Berry Liqueur. All three sound like they would be an interesting and tasty addition to a martini.


Here’s another one that I have tried! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the taste of banana and beer together but it’s quite good.

If you are planning your wedding or perhaps have a friend who is,  I highly recommend incorporating these or other fair trade wine, fair trade spirits or fair trade beer choices into you big day!

Have a great day, Dawn

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