Cotton Scarves from Ecuador {Product Spotlight}

Ecuador 2

Ecuador is a beautiful country, and one many of our artisans call home. But amidst the natural beauty, these women and their families are fighting extreme poverty and often hunger and sickness. Sales of our lovely new lightweight scarves, handmade in Ecuador, will help provide sustainable income for these families.

Check out these soft, brightly colored scarves—they’re great for a cool summer evening walk along the water. They’re also perfect for throwing over your strapless dress on an evening out!

Gorgeous, right? I’m not sure which is my favorite! The colors are striking, and these are one-of-a-kind {meaning once we sell out of them on the Seven Hopes site, they’re gone forever}. So if you’re in need a lightweight scarf for the sunny days ahead, you’ve found it.

A few facts about rural Ecuador:

–A a family’s basic needs, including, food, water and shelter, is equal to about 400 US dollars per month. However, the base salary for most Ecuadorian workers is only US $160.

–More than half of those living below the poverty line in Ecuador live on only US $1 a day.

–Children are required to attend the First through 12th grades in public school. But public education is not accessible for the majority of poor children living in rural areas.

–Although there are several universities in the larger Ecuadorian cities, only 1% of college-age students in rural areas and 5% of those in urban areas attend them.

When you purchase items from Seven Hopes United, you are helping to provide a steady income and hope to not only our talented team of artisans in Ecuador, but to our artists all over the world. Thank you to our loyal customers—and be sure to order your scarf before they’re gone!


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