Product Feature – Dawn’s Favorite Things!

One of the exciting things about working for Seven Hopes United is the chance to constantly see new beautiful and unique fair trade items. ¬†Over the past year I have become quite familiar with many of these pieces and while I really like all of them I of course have my favorites; we humans always have our favorites don’t we!

Today I’d like to share with you some of my most favorite fair trade products from Seven Hopes United.


As it turns out I like all of the Eva Hand Painted items; I find the colors very appealing. My favorite of these items is the Eva Hand Painted Tiffin. Can’t you just imagine a picnic on a perfect summer day with these?


I first learned about felting a few years back when I started knitting. I’ve never done it myself but I really like the look of it. And this Handmade Felt Pear Birdhouse is just darling and makes for a great gift for your mom or a friend.


I’m a sucker for scarves. I think that they are the perfect accessory because they can dress up any outfit. This Shibori Cotton Scarf in blue would be a nice pop of color with a little black dress!


Okay purses are another one of my weaknesses. They too can make an outfit. And since I tend to wear a lot of black I like colorful accessories. The Colorful Leather Clutch from India looks beautiful against any outfit!


31Bits really makes lovely jewelry. I have come to really like the Ugandan paper jewelry over the years and again I am drawn to the many different colors that are used in these items. Here is the 31Bits Raffia Twist Bracelet, braided and a rainbow of colors!

I hope that you enjoy these too. There are so many more wonderful items to choose from but these are just a few of my favorites.

Have a great day – Dawn



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