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3 Days to Save on Fair Trade!

Happy Black Friday!

I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving and if you’re fighting the crowds at 5am today, I’ll say a little prayer for you. :) And how about a fun incentive for the online portion of your Christmas shopping today (and Monday and Tuesday too!)?

Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday, and then Fair Tuesday! And we want our customers to be able to enjoy 20% off your entire purchase on all three days at Seven Hopes United. Just use this code at checkout all three days: SHOPFAIR2014.

We wish you nothing but joy and love this holiday season. Be sure to spread the word to your besties who shop online about Fair Tuesday—a fun day to cross some fair trade items off of your shopping list for your loved ones!



Fair Tuesday Another Look!

Last week we gave you a few gift suggestions you might be interested in buying on Fair Tuesday.  This week let’s talk about why Fair Tuesday is a great thing! It’s one day right in the middle of holiday shopping that reminds consumers how much power we really have.  We vote with our dollars and we can help create a better word through the purchases that we make.

FairTuesday.com is a wonderful resource that will help you find 150 different businesses selling gifts that give back!

Check out Seven Hopes United’s link to find our Fair Tuesday promotion code.

If you tweet, post or pin about Fair Tuesday and want to be apart of the conversation don’t forget to use a hashtag (#FairTuesday)!

Enjoy – Dawn

Fair Tuesday!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we all know what immediately follows Thanksgiving…Black Friday! And these days we have not only Black Friday but there is also Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  I have never participated in Black Friday sales, it just seems too stressful for me.  I have however participated in Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday but I my favorite of all is Fair Tuesday.

Last year was the first I had heard of Fair Tuesday and I am happy to say that I did buy fair trade items on that day.  The nice thing about Fair Tuesday is that it sort of encompasses all of the other days.  You can buy online or in a store, several small local shops have fair trade, fair trade items make great holiday gifts and you are supporting producers in the developing world.

Check out some of my favorite Fair Tuesday gift items from Seven Hopes United.  They are unique and would be great for any number of people in your life.


1. Tree of Life Wall Tapestry

2. Dream Bean Market Basket

3. Eva Hand Painted Tiffin

4. Cascade Necklace

5. Recycled Pop Can Giraffe

Enjoy – Dawn