Happy Fair Trade Month!!

Choose Fair!

Americans drink a lot of coffee. Actually, over a fifth of all the world's coffee is consumed in the United States. That's a lot of caffeine, but it's also good news for Fair Trade because it means that there are millions of Americans eager to drink the awesome tasting, high quality coffee produced by Fair Trade farmers. In 2008, more than 87 million pounds of Fair Trade Certified coffee were imported by the United States and sold by over 5,000 retailers.

Fair Trade coffee farmers receive a fair price for their high quality coffee, which enables them to invest more in their community, their families, and their coffee growing methods. Fair Trade coffee farmers are part of democratic cooperatives that work to empower the communities they serve. Luis Adauto, the president of an award winning Fair Trade Certified coffee cooperative, is a great example of just what can be achieved when coffee lovers in the United States and coffee farmers around the world come together. “Fair Trade has given us the ability to grow coffee the way it should be grown sustainably, organically and with great concern for quality. Our families are fed, our children are in school, and now we can tend to the coffee and the environment.” (Luis Aduto, Brazil).

Fall is here and it’s time to cozy up with some Fair Trade Certified coffee. We are kicking off Fair Trade Month with a Fair Trade Coffee Giveaway. Follow us on facebook to win!! Leave a comment about what your favorite warm drinks for fall are to enter.

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