Fair Trade Supports the Rights of Workers!

Perhaps you’ve heard about the horrific tragedy, which took place in Bangladesh last week when a building collapsed killing over 400 people.  The building, which the day before its collapse showed cracks in its infrastructure, housed several clothing factories.  Many of those clothing factories made items that were sold to customers in Western countries.


Yesterday, May 1st was the International Day of the Worker. It’s a day when people around the globe march in honor of workers and march in support of workers’ rights.

Just over a 100 years ago nearly 150 people perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire in Manhattan. As a result of this catastrophe laws were passed to protect American workers; laws which demanded better safety and shorter hours for workers.

2fair trade safer work conditions

Workers in the developing world still often face harsh working conditions.  Fair trade offers an alternative to such conditions.  Coops that are fair trade certified are held to higher standards, which insist that workers be treated with dignity and honor.  Safe working conditions, a democratic workplace, no child labor and fair wages are just a few of the principles that ensure that workers’ lives and livelihoods are taken into consideration.

Anne Lappe QuoteConsumers have tremendous power to create a better world for all workers.  We can demand better working conditions and greater rights for workers just by purchasing fair trade items. Such a purchase may seem small to us but in fact it may be huge to others!

Have a wonderful day – Dawn

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