Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Beach Wedding Ideas

fair trade beach weddingOver the years I’ve been to several weddings and of all of them only one was on the beach.  It was a sunrise wedding off the coast of Savannah, Georgia and while it was obviously quite early in the morning, it was beautiful.  I love the idea of a beach wedding.  It can be lovely and sophisticated and yet have a touch of breezy carefreeness; that sounds like a wonderful combination to me!

This week I thought it might be fun to feature some items from Seven Hopes United that might fit perfectly for a fair trade beach wedding!


Gabriela Cotton Scarf – A gorgeous something blue to wrap around yourself at your beach wedding.


Sterling Silver Heart Earrings – Heart shaped earrings for a love-filled day!

Sseko Sandals with Shimmer Straps
Soft ribbon sandals that are perfect for the beach and perfect for the bride or her bridesmaids!

Have a wonderful day – Dawn

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