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Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Flowers

Flowers! They offer that wonderful final touch to a wedding.  Flowers, especially fair trade flowers, bring it all together; from the bouquets, to the boutonnieres, to the center pieces, I love them all! Perhaps it’s clear that I hold flowers in high esteem.  Anything that is brings such loveliness can only be held with high esteem.  Therefore, let me present to you some fair trade flowers that you could incorporate into your wedding day. All of the shops that I am featuring, which sell fair trade flowers are online but be sure to ask your local florists if they sell fair trade flowers or if they would consider selling them.

Have a wonderful day – Dawn

fair trade wedding flowers

800flowers yellow roses

These lovely yellow fair trade roses can be found at 1800Flowers.com.

DCF 1.0

One World Flowers sells fair trade roses as well as fair trade calla lilies.


ftd orange roses

You can find another selection of beautiful fair trade roses at FTD as well.

Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Dresses!

fair trade wedding dress

My most favorite part of my wedding planning was the wedding dress! I loved choosing my wedding dress and I found one I really loved.  Since I didn’t have bridesmaids I didn’t choose additional dresses for friends or family but I can imagine that that process could be a very fun one too.

Today I would like to share some ideas on fair trade bridesmaid dresses and fair trade wedding dresses.  At first, I thought I would just write about fair trade bridesmaid dresses but in my search for such dresses I found fair trade wedding dresses too.

Here are my picks for a fair trade wedding dress and two different fair trade bridesmaids dresses.

fair trade wedding dresses

Celia-Grace offers several different fair trade wedding dresses for brides to choose from. Of the ones on their site I liked the Rachel the best!

fair trade bridesmaid dresses

Mata Trader’s Glam Noir dress would be a fun and flirty and also sophisticated and unique bridesmaid dress.

fair trade bridesmaid dresses

Perhaps Indigenous Design’s Luxury Dress may be an unusual choice for a bridesmaid dress, but I thought it would be a lovely addition to a more casual yet classy wedding.

Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Gifts

fair trade gifts

Weddings and gifts go hand-in-hand, but this week I am not talking about gifts for the bride and groom.  Rather, I would like to suggest some gifts for those around you who have loved and supported you throughout the wedding planning process. I’d like to suggest some ideas on gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I purchased fair trade jewelry and a little jewelry bag for the lovely ladies who stood by me along the journey to the altar.  Being a person’s bridesmaid or groomsman is a special thing so I think it is important to thank these folks in a special way.

Here are a couple of fair trade gift ideas for your bridesmaids!

kimono robe

After putting in hard work supporting the bride on her wedding day the bridesmaids might greatly enjoy relaxing in this kimono robe.

River Kimono Robe


Another great way to relax after showing love and support as a bridesmaid is a nice soothing bath.

Bath Tea and Spa Tin Gift Set

Here are a couple of fair trade gift ideas for your groomsmen!


These adorable coasters would pair well with the fair trade beer I mentioned in last week’s Wedding Wednesday post.

Recycled Cork Coaster Set


Two of these hand painted mugs paired with fair trade coffee would be a very nice gift that many groomsmen might really enjoy!

Eva Hand Painted Mugs

Have a wonderful day – Dawn


Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Beach Wedding Ideas

fair trade beach weddingOver the years I’ve been to several weddings and of all of them only one was on the beach.  It was a sunrise wedding off the coast of Savannah, Georgia and while it was obviously quite early in the morning, it was beautiful.  I love the idea of a beach wedding.  It can be lovely and sophisticated and yet have a touch of breezy carefreeness; that sounds like a wonderful combination to me!

This week I thought it might be fun to feature some items from Seven Hopes United that might fit perfectly for a fair trade beach wedding!


Gabriela Cotton Scarf – A gorgeous something blue to wrap around yourself at your beach wedding.


Sterling Silver Heart Earrings – Heart shaped earrings for a love-filled day!

Sseko Sandals with Shimmer Straps
Soft ribbon sandals that are perfect for the beach and perfect for the bride or her bridesmaids!

Have a wonderful day – Dawn