Wedding Wednesday: Fair Trade Dresses!

fair trade wedding dress

My most favorite part of my wedding planning was the wedding dress! I loved choosing my wedding dress and I found one I really loved.  Since I didn’t have bridesmaids I didn’t choose additional dresses for friends or family but I can imagine that that process could be a very fun one too.

Today I would like to share some ideas on fair trade bridesmaid dresses and fair trade wedding dresses.  At first, I thought I would just write about fair trade bridesmaid dresses but in my search for such dresses I found fair trade wedding dresses too.

Here are my picks for a fair trade wedding dress and two different fair trade bridesmaids dresses.

fair trade wedding dresses

Celia-Grace offers several different fair trade wedding dresses for brides to choose from. Of the ones on their site I liked the Rachel the best!

fair trade bridesmaid dresses

Mata Trader’s Glam Noir dress would be a fun and flirty and also sophisticated and unique bridesmaid dress.

fair trade bridesmaid dresses

Perhaps Indigenous Design’s Luxury Dress may be an unusual choice for a bridesmaid dress, but I thought it would be a lovely addition to a more casual yet classy wedding.

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